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Sell the chocolate bars to people you know first - friends, family and neighbors. Have parents and other adult family members take boxes to work to sell, or even set up shop in front of a local grocer store on a weekend to get members of your community to support your cause! Also, ask local businesses to take a box to help your organization sell.


Set a deadline and communicate it to all participants.  Have the money returned to the fundraiser organizer by the end of the deadline.  We recommend selling 2-3 weeks, no longer. We provide Collection Envelopes for your teams/classes along with posters, Goal Charts, etc.

We offer all schools organizations credit, with NO MONEY UP FRONT!  All other organations can pay with cash, credit card or *apply for credit for no money up front.


*To apply for credit please contact us at 248-302-8867 or


Fundraising an be an educational and rewarding experience for everyone. Your participants will feel the pride of accomplishing the goals through teamwork! To help motivate sellers, you an recognize everyone who participates and acknowledge exceptional individual efforts with prizes.  We will work with you to put the best prize options that will work best for you group!

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