World's Finest Chocolate of Southeast MI

My name is Lynn Thomas and I'm the local World's Finest Rep in your area and I’d love the opportunity to work with your organization and help them make the money they need! I’ve been in the fundraising industry for over 10 years in the Southeastern part of MI and I’m committed to making you the most amount of money possible in the least amount of time. I work with large and small groups including all levels of grade schools, school and league sports teams, DC & Camp trips, church organizations, cheer and football little leagues, daycares etc. just to name a few.

Quick Facts on World's Finest Chocolate Fundraising

  • Order 50+ boxes and receive 45% profit. Boxes retail at $60, and you will profit $27 per box.

  • Order 700+ boxes and receive 50% profit, same retail value and you profit $30 per box.

  • Order under 50 boxes and receive 40% profit, same retail value and you profit $24 per box.

  • Order under 100 boxes and receive 1 box free per 20 ordered.

  • Order 100-199 boxes and receive 15 Free boxes of prize chocolate, value of $900!

  • Order 200+ boxes and receive 30 free boxes of prize chocolate, value of $1800!

  • Profit Guarantee

  • Minimum order only 8 boxes.

  • No upfront cost, we will bill your organization Net 30 days.

  • Free Incentive Program.

  • Delivery in as little as 2 business days.

  • Free returns on any unopened boxes.

  • Simple: Program is completed within 3 weeks.

  • Personalized service from me throughout your fundraiser including a paid for Prize Program.